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Mediation  We are fully equipped to handle mediations here at our office and can offer both an individual or team approach to mediation.  Because we have two conference rooms, we can offer people the option of mediating in either joint or private sessions.  We strongly feel that a properly handled mediation can cut the overall costs, both emotional and financial, in a family law dispute by cutting the time spent in litigation in court.  It is important, however, that a Mediator remain a third party neutral and therefore we cannot be retained as your legal representative if we are first hired in the role of mediator(s).  We can, however, provide you with referrals to other competent counsel in the event you wish us to do so.

Divorce  The simple truth is that over 50% of all marriages end in divorce.  If you find it necessary to file for a divorce (or have had a spouse file divorce papers against you), our job is to help you get through the divorce process with the least amount of struggle and hardship and with the best possible final results under the facts and circumstances of your particular case.  We strive to help you make the most of a difficult situation.

Uncontested Divorce
Divorce is inevitable for some couples.   We often handle divorce proceedings for people who have mutually agreed to end their marriage and simply need someone to help them with the preparation and filing of the proper legal documents.  We offer a "flat rate" fee for uncontested divorces which is lower than our regular divorce retainer.   This includes "unlimited" legal advice, within reason.

Children are important to us.  It is important that, when a divorce becomes necessary, provisions are made for custody, child support, visitation and insurance matters.  We care what happens to children and will do our best to protect their rights and will do our part to ensure that they are raised in the best environment possible.  When there have been children born during the marriage or outside of a marriage (paternity), the matter of custody of the children can become a major issue.  Because of her thoroughness and dedication, Jamie has had a high rate of success in the contested custody cases she's handled over the years.  She graduated as a member of Law Review, doing her final Law Review note as a student on the custody issue.

Child Support  In most cases, the parent who has physical custody of the children of the marriage will receive child support payments from the non-custodial parent.  It is our job to see to it that the amount paid for child support is fair and equitable.  Indiana has enacted a set of child support guidelines which set forth the amount of support to be paid based on the incomes of the parents.  However, there are many other factors that are involved in the fair calculation of support including medical insurance costs for the children, parenting time credit for the non-custodial parent and work related childcare costs.

Visitation/Shared Parenting
There is no more valuable time than that time spent with your children.   Although a marriage may end, the job of parenting does not.  In most cases the children need meaningful and continued involvement with both parents.  Even though Indiana has a set of guidelines, these times can be negotiated in the divorce settlement process to better suit your needs and those of your children.  See "Links" for the full text of the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines.

Post-decree modifications  In time, circumstances change and there may be good reason to change the original divorce agreement in regard to child support, custody, visitation and other matters.  We will be happy to consult with you to determine the feasibility of re-opening your case to modify the original agreement.  Situations also arise where one party fails to comply with a final decree and we provide assistance in both the enforcement and defense of such actions.

Guardianship and Adoption   Sometimes a biological parent is not in a position to care for his or her children due to financial reasons, relocations, military service and other more serious reasons such as substance abuse.  We handle agreed permanent and temporary guardianship as well as contested guardianship.  We also handle permanent adoptions including step-parent and interfamily adoption cases.  We do not currently handle open adoptions between unrelated parties.

Personal Injury  Personal injury cases are taken on the basis of payment on recovery only.  You may come in for a free consult if you would like further information regarding automobile, motorcycle and other accidents you might have questions about.  Jamie operates as a team with another attorney to give you the utmost in personal service and the best possible outcome.  Essentially you get two law firms for the same cost as one, with no initial money required if your case is accepted.

Wills and Probate  We do simple and custom wills and basic probate and publishing of wills, which suit most people's needs.  We do not handle estate planning at this time.


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