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Black's Law and Mediation is conveniently located on the South Side of Indianapolis, Indiana.  We specialize in all phases of Family Law including divorce, custody, child support, support modifications, visitation, adoption and guardianship.  In addition, we do probate and general civil litigation, including personal injury cases.  We are also registered family law mediators in the State of Indiana

We are a small family oriented firm by design. Our main goal is to serve each client personally and efficiently.


Jamie Black's Philosophy is this:  "I  practiced with other attorneys and firms until December 2000 when I made the decision to open my own offices.  While I had the chance to join a larger firm on more than one occasion, I found that my attitude toward the practice of law differed from many of my peers and I chose to remain an independent.


First, I see law as a service business as much, if not more, than I see it as a profession.  When I opened my own doors I took control of the policy of how the office is run and how my clients are treated as individuals.  While I must maintain control of how a case is run in order to represent my clients properly, I have never lost sight of the fact that I work for the people who hire me and respect their goals.  Perhaps more importantly, I see that treating people as individuals with families to consider is a priority in resolving their cases properly.  I am not just involved in cases--I am involved in people's lives at a very crucial and fragile time.

The best evidence that we have of our positive effect on the people who have hired us is our very high rate of referrals from current or previous clients. We also receive a good portion of referrals from other attorneys who have witnessed our performance and feel confident in sending us cases.

The second way in which I believe we are different from other law firms is our strong emphasis on teamwork with the client.  This translates into communication.  I will often start a case by explaining to my clients what work or research they can perform to help themselves and to further their own cases.  This assists them financially in the end and also assures that we will be well-prepared to negotiate or go to hearing if necessary.  Because I believe that communication is essential, I make every effort to return all calls within 24 hours."

Black's Law and Mediation
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