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How much does it cost to retain Jamie's services?  Obviously, this is the most often asked question and there is no simple answer.  It depends on how difficult your case will be, how much filing and paperwork will be involved (or requested) and how much time she will have to spend in Court, among other things.  We are currently billing her time at $175 per hour and, as of August 1, 2010, have a minimum retainer of $1200 in most cases.  However, we are doing "uncontested" divorce for a flat fee of $750 (as long as they remain uncontested).  If you are filing for a divorce, there is also a county filing fee which varies slightly by County in the State of Indiana.  Because they take much more time than divorces, Jamie's retainer for contested custody disputes is $3,000.  Cases involving Supervised/Restricted Visitation, Jamie's retainer is $2000 (minimum). Flat fee arrangements can be made for cases that only require document preparation.  For a quote for your particular situation, call us at (317) 887-8400 or send us an email today.

How long until I can get an appointment?  We can usually schedule an appointment for you within one week of your call to our office.  You can often get a short telephone consultation, at no charge, at an earlier time, depending on Ms. Black's availability.

Do you work on evenings and weekends?  We have some evening appointments available.  We do not usually take appointments on the weekend, holding to the belief that some time must be set aside for our families--and to recharge for the next week.

Do you give free consultations?  If you are inquiring about a personal injury matter, the consultation is free and our work is done on a contingency basis.  (Family law cases may never be taken on a contingency basis.)  Other than brief, initial telephone consults, we do not give free consultations in family law.  It is our belief that the "half-hour free in-office consultations" some attorneys offer usually only scratch the surface and are not effective in answering your questions.  Our fee for a family law consultation is $175 and Ms. Black usually exceeds one hour for that fee.  Should you decide to retain us at the time of your consultation, only the retainer will be charged.  We guarantee that you'll have a better understanding of your case, your rights and your options after meeting with her.

What should I bring with me for my first consultation?  If there have been papers filed against you, bring all of them.  If the action is a post-divorce action, bring all prior orders (decree, modifications, etc.) We'll probably ask you to bring in financial information regarding income (both yours and your spouse's), assets, debts, childcare costs, health insurance costs etc.  Also bring your retainer or consultation payment.  We will be glad to give you more specific instruction when you call to set an appointment.

Do you guarantee that you'll win my case for me?  There are no guarantees of success in family law, only likely victories.  We can tell you that Jamie has a tremendous referral rate in both divorce and child custody matters (including referrals from past opposing parties).  We do guarantee that she'll be fully prepared and will represent you to the best of her ability.  She'll give you an honest assessment of your chances to win your case, including any risks you might run in the process.  She learned early that sometimes people pursue cases zealously without considering all the factors and end up "winning the case" while, technically, losing in other areas they never considered.

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