Black's Law and Mediation
Jamie A. Black,
Attorney at Law
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About Us

Black's Law and Mediation
8686 Madison Avenue, Suite D
Indianapolis, IN 46227
(317) 887-8400
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Black's Law and Mediation provides top-notch top quality personal service in family law--divorce, custody, support, visitation, guardianship, adoption and mediation- along with great customer support - a combination that can't be beat!

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Black's Law and Mediation has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

We are proud to say that over 50% of our business comes from referrals, both from other attorneys and from satisfied clients.  We have even had a number of referrals from "opposing parties" who have seen Jamie at work "across the table" in the courtroom.

At present, Jamie is the sole attorney here.  No firm anywhere can possibly offer more--here, the "boss" always represents you.

John Flick is Jamie's Office Manager and "right-hand man".  He graduated from Lehigh University with a BS in Management Science in 1969 and, among other things, has been a real estate broker, the owner of a logging company in Pennsylvania and a Certified Signing Agent specializing in mobile refinance signings.  He's in charge of everything from appointments to billing and is the person you'll deal with most during your time with us. He's the first person you'll talk with when you call here. 

Financial Policy

Because we are a small firm, we do maintain strict billing policies.  No case is undertaken without payment of the retainer first.  When the retainer is exhausted, we expect payment of the balance as billed.  See our FAQ Page. Our office manager, John Flick is willing, however, to discuss payment plan options to assist our clients in addressing their balances.  Due to our size, we are simply not in a position to carry cases or "be the bank", so to speak.   We believe you will find that most attorneys and law firms follow much more restrictive policies that don't allow for monthly payment plans.

Most importantly, we believe you will find that your money was well spent when your case is completed.  While no attorney can promise success in every case, we have been fortunate in our case results due to our thoroughness.


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